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Solar Heated Packages

Solar heating and cooking anywhere outdoors in an easy, safe and affordable way
thanks to highly efficient and flexible solar heating layer integrated into the packages

Our Story

On a beautiful mid-summer weekend, we went out to a famous recreational island in front of Helsinki with our children and friends. We wanted to cook food on our disposable charcoal grill. To our big disappointment, because of a high risk of wildfire, it was forbidden for visitors to make an open fire. As you can guess, the queue to the public grill was huge, so our warm lunch was cancelled.

Soon after this episode we started thinking of solar glass tubes, that you can use for heating and cooking. We made several experiments and clumsy prototypes that worked,
but were heavy, bulky, and fragile.

We sat down and started to think how the final product should be made
and designed especially from the consumer point of view.

We came up with the new idea and wrote it down: Our heating equipment must be lightweight, easy to use and easy to carry. It must be flexible, so that it would not get broken during outdoor activities and it should heat food safely using only direct sunlight.
In addition, we underlined that our innovation must bring significant new value to the customers and it must be priced reasonable and reachable by any consumer.

And there it was! Our invention was born!

To our big surprise this kind of idea was not patented, and we wanted to make it happen.
We saw this was a once in a lifetime case, so we founded the company
and started to put all our passion and love into it.

We created more applications and found out, that there is a real need for our solutions such as a consumer water and food heating packaging, solar heated showers
and for other product applications for example in healthcare.
We also learned that there is a big need for different types of heating applications
within crisis and emergencies/humanitarian field, where our technology can offer
safe heating solutions without smoke or risk of fire anywhere under the sun.    

Solar Heated Packages

Solar Heated Packages are packages with integrated solar heater. Their simple, but effective state of the art heating technology is based on very thin special layer on top of the packages. When the layer is exposed to the sunlight, the content of the package starts to heat up.

Packages can be pre-packed or packed by the user such as SolBag prototype in the video.

Content can be food or non-food, and packages can be utilized by consumers, professionals, anyone who wants to heat up something.

Many factors influence cooking and heating temperatures and times, including time of year, time of day, intensity of sun and amount and type of content. 


Why use Solar Heated Packages?

Solar heated packages are ultra-lightweight, simple and easy to take and use anywhere outdoors. They are truly portable. The content will never burn and the packages can leave unattended for longer period of time.

The integrated solar heater technology in the packages absorbs 50% more heat than only a black surface.

There are no gas, charcoal, biomass, wood, propane, electricity or chemical processes needed – just the sunlight. Packages are safe and won’t get burning hot from outside, are smoke free and won’t create risk of fire or charcoal carcinogens. Nutrients are cooked into food instead of being boiled or steamed away.

Packages are simple and affordable. It is a low step to try using the packages and fall in love with their added value.

Packages can be used in areas where open flames are banned, for example in national parks and forests, beaches and high fire danger or drought areas.  


Our mission is to grow SolFoil into a leading global company and a game-changer
in creating solar powered applications that allow to heat or cook
by using flexible, ultra-light and efficient solar heated packaging.

We think everybody must have a chance to make one’s life healthier and better.

SolFoil is the first company to make this possible without open fire, chemicals or electricity just by using sunlight. It is safe and easy to use anywhere.

Our strategy is to design every application from the consumer point of view and to offer the best possible user experience. We take seriously the environmental responsibility; that is why we will use as renewable and sustainable materials as the latest production technology allows.

Patented technology is ultra-lightweight, flexible and can be scaled from small to big size and can also be mounted or integrated on many types of single packaging, backpack, traveling kit or big size applications for a group use. The technology heats up the content
anywhere in the direct sunlight, in any season, even on the snow
and in the low temperatures.

High-tech solar heating application that we are offering today is just the beginning. Our mission will allow us to create, develop and offer many more valuable solar heating applications that will transform the food value chain, and raises up the standard and quality of living in any corner of the world.

Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations drive our mission to contribute to create new solutions especially for areas concerning Affordable and clean energy, Clean water and sanitation, Good health and well-being and Zero hunger.  


In 2025 SolFoil has become a well-known game-changer and the world leader
in the solar heated packaging, not only in heating water and food,
but also other content to be heated before use.

SolFoil is having both consumer and industrial product lines and having also a good understanding about consumers’ and industrial partners’ needs. This gives the company a good insight and advantage when creating and developing new products from end user point of view. The company has gained a worldwide clients’ and production partners’ network, both in business, science & research and non-profit organizations.

SolFoil is taking visible and leading role in the sustainability issues and discussions and is committed to minimize CO2 emissions throughout the whole value chain and the production process.   


When SolFoil is a global innovative company having multinational, high profile network, and is co-operating with international companies and non-profit organizations, this means that the company policy has to stand on the solid corner stones: in honesty, transparent and trustworthy business ethics and in multicultural respect. This also means that environmental and sustainable issues are important and taken seriously and responsibly both by SolFoil and its’ partners.

SolFoil set of values builds our company image and creates a right kind of quality mindset. We like to co-operate and partner with the organizations who share the same values 


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